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Learning Management System، Managing educational content of all kinds between students and teachers

managing student data in all its details (add - transfer - modify - powers ... etc.)

Student Attendance System, Monitoring the attendance and absence of students manually and automatically

For virtual classes and meetings        

For virtual classes and meetings

For virtual classes and meetings

Add tasks and evaluate students

Discussion rooms

Add videos from YouTube

Notices for user operations to add, delete or modify

A website to display the institution's information

Three accounts (student - teacher - system administrator)

Identity allocation according to the identity of the educational institution

with component options

for teachers, students and courses

Success Partners, Testimonials, FAQ etc.

The system works on mobile as flexibly as an application

Ready setup with Stripe, Paypal and offline mode

Available in English, and Arabic

For internal communication between users

Featured dashboard for all roles

Manage users and its roles and permissions

Settings manager with advance features

With google, Facebook، twitter and WhatsApp

Create and manager coupons

Create and manage language files

Add categories and levels falls below courses

Add and manage course, lesson, test, questions

Technical support system to solve problems

Switch to major available currencies.

Award certificate on course completion and verification by Qr code and serial No

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